I love your painting! It is perfect.
You were right, the colors are much more vibrant in person. I so admire people with talent who can reach other people through form and color.
I never hang anything in my homes that I do not love.
Dona K., N. Carolina

I feel the energy, it uplifts the spirit of our house...it used to look like a fishing bowl...I feel a lot of light energy and warmth after putting your works on the walls.
Neige G., Washington

There is such an optimistic, happy feeling, and I see water, trees, mountains, and caves everywhere. Your works are live, they talk and breathe, they are very kind.
Susan A., Massachusetts

Your works are about color and sound. Let the beautiful energy manifest itself
Lana A. from Massachusetts

In one of your works I saw a little bit of Joan Mitchell "City Landscape", in others a similarities with De Kooning and the Color Field movement. Lana A., New York City

Your Open Heart painting, the colors, the brush strokes reminds me of Edvard Munch's The Scream.
Jill K. New York

Your art meditation sessions are better than wine!

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