I am first and foremost an abstract metaphysical artist, secondary I am a designer. My art always comes first. It’s my ground, my home base, the most truthful representation of who I am. Art is like air – it comes as effortlessly as breathing; design is an exercise and experiment that requires discipline and focus.  Once the painting is finished, it gives me the inspiration to create a design pattern.  The painting breathes multiple lives throughout different designs and applications on fashionable and decorative products. I believe that abstract painting can also be worn and create a unique decor full of artistic experiences!  My pattern designs and art are available for licensing opportunities. Feel free to inquire about an unpublished collection of pattern designs for exclusive collaborations.

My studio is the place where my left brain is dormant and the right one is active, transmitting the energy of imagination and feeling into a visual art representation.  My yoga and meditation practices, studies of healing power of colors and experimentation with meditative art reflect in all my works.  My hand picks the colors, intuitively making the hues and patterns reflecting the state of mind - happiness, joy, curiosity. I transmit the Healing Power of Art. 

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